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Welcome to Cropwell

We are a crop nutrition company providing Micronutrient and Biostimulant products across the UK. The use of micronutrients and biostimulants has developed in recent years, by working closely with Farmers and Agronomists we provide innovative and effective Micronutrient and Biostimulant solutions to meet the requirements of leading arable farmers.

We are working with ‘Thinking Farmers’ and Crop Consultants to explain the benefits and advantages of Cropwell products.

There are around 600 agronomists, employed and self-employed, in Great Britain and we would like to talk to them all about Crop Nutrition as we believe that there are real benefits to be had from using our products.

Products for Crop Success

As a very small company, we can be flexible and find a product that meets your needs and requirements. We can provide a tailored recommendation to your farm as well as the base range of products that we recommend to every farm across the UK.

We have found that the market for specialist crop nutrition products is very developed in Europe especially Poland, France, Holland and Germany. Since 2008 the products we are selling have been widely used by arable farmers across the East Midlands

So for the last two years we have placed our products on UK farms and measured the results. UK Farmers using Cropwell products are seeing greater profits, fewer crop losses, increased yields and greater farm efficiency through fewer applications thanks to Cropwell’s proven tank mixes.

Price Increases Spring 2017

Unfortunately due to to the strength of currency after the events of this summer, most AG Chem and related inputs are set to increase in price dues to an increase in cost of the imported raw materials or products. This is why we are encouraging early orders on Spring Nutrients to ensure that people have their products on farm in February and at no more money than they would have paid in 2015. If you would like to secure the low price please contact us before the end of the year to discuss options, buy now pay later or order now, deliver in Feb and pay in March inline with your normal cash flow. We know there so many things to think about in the spring so order now and relax, don’t have that last minute panic to get it in the... read more
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