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What is TopPhite?

This is a new WellMix humic-lignate complex formulation which utilises highly soluble raw materials without chlorides in a high concentration and very flexible product. It offers all the compatibility and effectiveness benefits of a complexed/ chelated product with the instant response and mobility within the plant foliar feeds solution. The unique formulation also delivers Phosphite ions and key amino Acids to reinforce plant health.

  • Autumn and early spring applications
  • It helps with early crop establishment stimulating root development and increasing disease resistance
  • It is a combination of Phosphites and Amino Acids

Use and Results

Crops Oilseed rape, Top Fruit, Cane fruit, Soft fruit, Stone fruit, Hops, linseed, Potatoes, Leeks and onions, Brassicae, Peas and beans, Root crops, Maize, Wheat and Other cereals

Volume per pack : 10L

Dosage: 1L per Ha

Price per acre: £4.09

Application details and chemical composition