Post Harvest- Things to help you this autumn


After what unfortunately looks to be a very disappointing harvest for 2016, why not think about some new approaches this autumn to try and prevent the same for 2017. Here are some of our suggestions for improving your autumn establishment and ultimately your yields

Consider Durasop Elite complete controlled nongranular fertiliser. Duarsop is a specialist 10.10.17 product with trace elements added and slow release duranit technology means the fertiliser last. As a placement fertiliser that goes down the spout at drilling.

Seed start applied to OSR and cereal seed  brings a host of advantages to early emergence and establishment from only £1.50/acre

Why not keep the potatoes going with CropAcre Magnesium every other blight spray and  Tophite to boost the blight control in humid higher disease pressures, helping yield at the same time?

Min till/no till growers, this autumn you can feed the soil and the bacteria with Humicrop-bring the soil to life!

For more details or advice please call Sarah on 01664 431440